A.C. Motorized Printing Head

Attractive Features

  • User-Friendly, Very easy, And smooth operation.
  • Uniform printing speed & printing pressure resulting in better printing quality.
  • Improved production with the best printing quality.
  • Achieves speed up to 22 strokes per minute.
  • Low weight design saves your costly printing machine spares parts & maintenance.
  • Save manpower & labor costs.

Technology Specification

  1. 32bit high-performance ARM-Controller Module.
    Benefits of ARM Controller.

    • Real-time operating systems increase your printing stroke.
    • Stable printing Span.
    • Programmers work Fast & better than other ordinary programmers.
    • Power saving modes include Idle and Power-down.
  2. Used Highly reliable data storage I²C-Bus EEPROM for the power-down time.
    Benefits of I²C-Bus EEPROM.

    • No change Print and Flud direction on power downtime
    • Save remaining printing stroke on power downtime.
    • 5 program set mode to set repeated printing programs.
  3. Easy settable DIP switch 1 to 4 Strokes print system for better printing – result on heavy woven clothes.
  4. Jerk-less braking system with Complete electronic technology
  5. Use of Non-Contact type sensors for smart braking.
  6. Graphic LCD Display with Capacitive Keys in programmer easy to set – and better for an understanding of the set program.
  7. Complete solid-state technology with safety protection from any Over-Loading in the control panel.