Compact High Efficient Dryer

Characteristics and Technology The newly developed consists of nos independent blower and corresponding heat exchanger of this high efficiency and powerful hot air nozzle dryer is designed to dry any sort of printed and wet textiles, knits, nonwovens, being printed with pigments, reactive dyes, acid dyes, dispersion and other nonwovens materials. It may be installed with any kind of screen printing‐ and wet application machine.

  • Modular design for individual adaptation dimensioning of capacity needs and overall sizes.
  • Optimized interior geometry for high energy efficiency and uniform chamber temperature.
  • Compact outside dimensioning and optional adaptation to local situation needs.
  • Nozzle arrangement adaptable to various drying methods.
  • Large side doors for easy accessibility.
  • Tensionless fabric guided by an included optional fabric transport system.
  • Availability of optional additional units, such as conveyor belt cleaning devices for a moisture measuring and control unit

Technical Data

Available working width
1000mm to 3400
Heating medium options
Steam,Thermal oil, Hot water,Direct Gas Burner
No. of fabric passages
Standard: 3
Optional: 1, 5 or 7
Web Guiding Systems
Standard: contact-free “lay-on-air” nozzle system
Optional: teflon-coated fiberglass mesh conveyor belt
Drying Capacity
200 kg to 1500 kg of water/ h (depending on the number of dryingchambers installed and overall working conditions)