Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine

In order to meet various requirements of the printing industry, we have come out as a successful manufacturer and supplier of high-quality flatbed screen printing machines. Our flatbed printers are ideal for premium quality printing in various industrial fields. We are engaged to provide the best quality range of flatbed printing machines to our clients. Flatbed printer prices in India at Techno Prints are affordable. Get a free quote or contact us today for our high-quality flatbed screen printers in India.


  • Finest printing quality and high penetration especially for center printing and geometrical designs.
  • Totally integrated Motion-control system permits easy handling, short set-up time, repeat setting, design memory, and quick reproduction of re-orders.
  • Deep penetration and perfect reproducibility with any repeat order.
  • Repeat length, speed, number of squeegee strokes and are individually adjustable on each printing station.
  • The individual design of each device according to the fabric type to be processed is possible.


  • Number of colors: 4-24
  • Operating side: right or left
  • Advancement: at an adjustable speed
  • Print table height: 80 cm from the ground
  • Screen lifting up: adjustable height & speed
  • Machine Structure: High durability and long life by selecting carefully selected materials
  • Control Systems: Double servo system with PLC / Motion control system.       
  • Operation panel bye touch screen display.