Programmer for Palav/Body

Technology Specification

    • Graphic LCD for easy operation setting and understanding for machine operators.
    • Control of 24 color Auto Printing Head.
    • Six Program data saving system to use easy set repeated run programs.
    • Actual run program show on display.
    • Seem facility for saving costly fabric & colors.
    • A 32bit high-performance microcontroller system works faster than another ordinary programmer.
    • You can set 1 to 4-time print by the programmer for heavy woven clothes.
    • Control by solid-state technology of Print Fram Up/Down control systems for Palav/Body print.
    • Head-on/off as per set program through MODBUS protocol.
  1. Due to differential signaling, the MODBUS interface is immune to noise.
  2. MODBUS interface does not ever miss the print.
  3. Less than wiring other ordinary programmers.